David Ives Podiatrist


A callus on the foot is caused from repeated pressure and friction, leading to the build up of thickened skin. The callus, which be may hard, dry or cracked, acts to protect the area underneath it. A corn is similar to a callus but is usually smaller and created under high pressure, forming a central nucleus of hard skin which penetrates into the tissue causing more pain.

A callus or corn is typically diagnosed upon examination.

Your podiatrist can painlessly remove the callus and excise the corn, providing immediate pain relief, and can recommend simple over-the-counter treatments such as pads or pumice to decrease the calluses or corn. Repeated treatment may be required depending on the severity.

While treatment for calluses and corns is not always necessary, it may provide you with more comfort. Larger calluses can cause significant pain. In some patients calluses may become cracked and infected, and calluses can lead to wounds that can lead to serious problems, especially in people with diabetes.