David Ives Podiatrist


With expertise in biomechanics, the podiatrist can assess your gait and pressure points and where necessary, make bespoke orthotics to correct or control any anomalies. We can make orthotics for kids, athletes and for everyday use.

With years of medical training in foot care, David Ives is an expert in treating foot problems with orthotics. Just as contact lenses improve vision, orthotics improve foot function.

Custom orthotics are individually moulded to fit your unique feet. Each orthotic exactly matches the contour of each foot. In addition, wedges may be added to alter your gait or weight distribution.

Unlike an arch support, a custom orthotic moves with your foot. It controls certain parts of your foot at certain times during your gait. Although orthotic devices may look like simple pieces of plastic, they profoundly affect your entire musculoskeletal system.

Orthotics may protect the tender areas of your foot from the wear and tear of constant use. Even if your foot problem is best treated by surgery, orthotics may delay the need for surgery and help maintain your surgical correction afterwards.

Orthotics come in a variety of materials, ranging from rigid plastics to soft foam. All these materials can be shaped to fit your individual foot. The rigid orthotics offer the most control of movement, while the softer ones provide better cushioning and protection. When prescribing your orthotics, David Ives will make the best match between your needs and the qualities of the materials.