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Nail fungus (onychomycosis) is an ailment that plagues 10% of the world’s population. Onychomycosis causes toenails to become discoloured and if not treated, will cause them to become brittle and thick and separate from the nail bed over time.

Light from the laser penetrates through the nail and the adjacent tissue. Pigment in the fungi absorbs the light, heating it and harming the organism. The elimination of fungus will allow your nail to grow normally.

During clinical research, 83% of patients exhibited post-treatment improvement. The extent of progress you will experience is reliant on individual circumstances and is something your podiatrist will discuss with you.

During laser nail fungus treatment, the laser is passed over the infected nails and bordering skin. This process will be repeated several times by your podiatrist until a sufficient amount of energy has extended into the nail bed. During this treatment, you may feel your nail grow warmer.

One treatment lasts about 20 minutes and can treat 5-10 nails.

Typically, patients demonstrate improvement after just one treatment, however clinical trials revealed best results with three treatments spaced one month apart.

Please remove all nail polish and decorations the day before the procedure.

Patients report that the process is generally comfortable. You may feel a small hot pinch near the end, lasting momentarily.

After the Procedure

Your nails might feel warmer than normal for a few minutes following the procedure. You may resume normal activities immediately.

A successful treatment will result in a new and healthier nail growing. As nails tend to grow slowly, it may take up to a year for results to be complete.

While your nail will show signs of immediate improvement following the fungus nail treatment, it is important to continue with home care techniques to dissuade recurrence. Re-infection is possible as the fungus is located almost everywhere in the environment.